XSCP is a coin project to bring authors reward function to any website. We developed Web Browser extension to place Reward Widget on any website where you can post plain text, add signature or add some kind of description to any type of content. Reward Widget allows anybody who has active Extension and Wallet running locally to reward anybody who shared a XSCP signature easely. Extension connects to Wallet through RPC API calls and making payments on demand. Users w/o active extension continue seeing raw XSCP signature. Moreover rewards count and amount can be used as content popularity indicator. Read more at Reward Extension section.

License & Download

Scope Coin Wallet built for most major platforms

Download - Scope Coin Wallet

ScopeCoin (XSCP) is a project of CRYPTFOUNDRY blockchain projects incubator. All property belongs to contributors. This is Open Source Software and it provides AS IS without any warranty.

More info

Find more info in our official Announce Topic

Scope Coin Official Announce at BitcoinTalk

Extension in Action

Extension in Action


  • Built Wallet for all major OS:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS X
  • Compatible with Bitcoin RPC
  • Instant Transactions

How to Use

Download Wallet. Install extension. Connection extension and Wallet.


In your local ScopeCoin data folder edit scope.conf to something similar to:


Run GUI Wallet if you are on Desktop


Or run CLI Scope Daemon if you are on VPS

./scoped -daemon=1

Check it working

./scope-cli getinfo